About Federico Vanno



My name is Federico Vanno and I come from Ostia in Rome close to the Mediterranean Sea where we don’t have consistent waves. I grew up on the beach where I learned to read the clouds and the sea to understand which direction the wind and waves will come from. For many years I raced sailing boats and surfed when the swell was on. After many seasons my experience increased. Photography started as my hobby but after a few years I joined the two passions together and started taking pictures in the water. Italy is famous for many things but not it’s surf so I decided to move to Bali with my wife. I started traveling to many of the other Indo Islands, thirsty to continue my search for waves just like back at home where I have always been fascinated to look for good waves to ride inside every single bay of the Italian boot. Now I search for waves to be captured with my camera to share with you the many unexplored places little frequented by surfers ( but I never reveal the locations of these waves). Every surfer is a traveller and can find these breaks if they want to. I have now lived in Indonesia with my family for 7 years and I feel really lucky to have grasped my dream life and to have a good partner by my side to enjoy it all together!